KYLE HO seeks to elevate traditional tailoring to a new level of luxury, with a meticulous focus on exquisite detailing and a design ethos centred on revolutionising bespoke tailoring, bringing it to the forefront of fashion.

As a bespoke, made-to-order luxury unisex brand, the business model is tailored to be eco-conscious. To circumvent the need for mass production, the brand operates on a pre-order system, with each piece custom-made. This significantly reduces the environmental impact and use of resources, as nothing is held in storage and no items are manufactured before a customer has made a purchase. This business model, while seemingly counterproductive, helps ensure environmental impact is reduced, prevents waste of resources and encourages customers to make considered purchases. Materials are sourced from local merchants within the UK and Hong Kong, supporting local vendors while reducing their carbon footprint.

While the brand was initially conceived to specialise in both womenswear and menswear, HO strongly believes that his collections should be inclusive to all genders, with a focus on accentuating one’s physique, regardless of how they identify.